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Welcome to a new kind of English course in upper secondary school! Never before has the study of English been focused exclusively around topics found in social studies.

To meet this aim, Access to English: Social Studies addresses many issues connected to history, economics, sociology, political science and other related fields.

This website offers further materials and useful links. We have done our best to start you out in the right direction and help you develop a critical perspective on the materials you find.

All language is communication. We believe Access to English: Social Studies will allow you to improve and perfect your English while gaining information and insight into social studies. We hope you will enjoy and profit from both.



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Informasjon og bestillingsfakta


Læreplan i engelsk - programfag i studiespesialiserende utdanningsprogram


Latest news

Exam: Sources - and how to use them.

Exam preparation time!

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Fagkurs og fagseminar

Invitasjon til engelsklærere!

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Informasjon om ny utgave av læreverket

Den nye utgaven av Access to English: Social Studies kommer i mai!

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ACCESS UPDATE: The Last of the Pink Bits

Have you heard of Tristan da Cunha or Pitcairn?

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Ny utgave

Til våren kommer det en ny utgave av Access to English: Social Studies.

Nettstedet blirt også nytt. Følg med på www.cdu.no for kursinformasjon.

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