Audio/Slides: Barack Obama's first year

The Guardian looks back at the US president's first year in office.

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Audio slideshow (The Guardian) . . .

Audio/Slides: Election 2008

Informative and entertaining summary of the entire campaign.

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The New York Times . . .

Video: Witnessing Barack Obama's historic inauguration

Three episodes: The Swearing In - The Parade - The Celebrations

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Video: The Washington Post . . .

Chapter 4: We - the People

This chapter will examine the political system of the United States. The object is to give you a better basis for understanding America. A number of questions will be taken up:

  • How is the American system of government built up and how does it work?
  • How are American political parties organized and what do they stand for?
  • How do interest groups and lobbyists affect the political process?
  • How is a president elected?
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