Video: Over the Top - 1918

France and Britain mount fresh offensives on the Western Front. Out of the trenches, troops run over the tangled wire of no man's land, machine gun and shell fire all around them.

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Video: Pub closures

Littlehampton has lost a dozen pubs in the last year, just some of the 7,500 that could be calling last orders

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The First World War to the Present


St. Paul’s Cathedral in London during German air raid, January 1941 (Copyright: Scanpix)St. Paul’s Cathedral in London during German air raid, January 1941 (Copyright: Scanpix)

The twentieth century was a time of abrupt changes for the United Kingdom. It lost its position as a dominant great power. Its empire was transformed into a voluntary association of member nations. It tied itself to Europe through an economic and political union. It even re-examined relations among its constituent peoples. Through it all, however, it maintained the same social and political stability that had characterized it for centuries, incorporating new participants and adapting to new conditions.

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