Video: Charles Dickens

Michael Rosen, Children's Laureate, visits 48 Doughty St, the elegant townhouse in London where Dickens and his family once lived.

Now a museum, Michael looks at how the house could have inspired characters from Dickens' Christmas classic A Christmas Carol and views memorabilia from the time it was written.

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Charles Dickes (Copyright: Scanpix)Charles Dickes (Copyright: Scanpix)

A country’s culture and literature develop in step with its history. Sometimes literature reflects the changing times, sometimes it predicts changes and sometimes it is even a catalyst for change in its own time. For our purposes, literature helps us to reflect on and better understand the periods we are examining. This why we have put extra texts (including activities) here on

The extra work you do with these texts will help you to improve your knowledge of English, develop your language skills and provide you with more insight into the times you are reading about. They are, indeed, witnesses of their times.

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