Video: A Thousand Suns - Hiroshima

6 August 1945, three US bombers fly into Japanese airspace. At 08.15 an atomic bomb drops from 'Enola Gay'. 45 seconds later much of Hiroshima disappears. Nagasaki is next.

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Video: Woodstock - 40 years later

The fields near Bethel, New York that hosted the Woodstock music festival 40 years ago have become a pilgrimage site for veteran hippies as well as their children and grandchildren.

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Video: 20 years since iconic Gorbachev tour

It is 20 years since the leader of the then-Soviet Union was greeted by huge crowds in the West German capital, Bonn.

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Video: The Bush Legacy

The BBC evaluate some of the accomplishments and failures of George Bush during his eight years in office.

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