Complete these sentences by using thereor it or they

  1. She thinks   are many reasons for voting for the Liberal Democrats.
  2. In my opinion,  is absurd not to vote in an election.
  3. Is  too late to phone our MP? After all,  is after ten o’clock.
  4.  are a lot of people working in 10 Downing Street, and  all have to endure frequent security checks.
  5. Well,  always has been a Conservative Party, and I am sure  always will be one, she said, and gulped down some tea.
  6. I think  is a good idea to support proportional representation.  would make government more democratic.
  7. Have you heard? Two ministers have resigned from the government!  both said they disagreed strongly with the prime minister’s new policy on crime. I think  is wonderful news! Now  is a chance that public opinion will swing towards the opposition.
  8.  is a saying that the prime minister’s worst enemies sit behind him in the House of Commons, not, as many people think, in front of him.
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