British political parties

In the textbook we sketch in the historical background of each party and also look at their main beliefs. We point out that in recent years the Labour Party has been moving towards the ‘centre’ in British politics, and that in some ways it is very close to the Conservative Party which traditionally is its great rival. However, these two parties continue to maintain a vigorous political debate and they often use fairly strong language (usually polite!) to attack each other. The Liberal Democrats, too, join in the political debate, and are eager to be noticed by as many people as possible since they feel they have a real chance of winning more seats in future elections.

The internet allows you to keep right up to date with what the parties are saying on issues of current interest. (A textbook cannot hope to do this.) The following activity invites you to use the official party websites. Remember that these have been written to ‘sell’ the party concerned to visitors to the site.


  1. Find an issue of current interest in British politics and compare what the three main parties are saying about it.
  2. On what do they disagree? How much do they seem to agree?
  3. Can you see a link between each party’s standpoint and its general philosophy?

Web resource

The Labour Party (official Site)

The Conservative Party (official Site)

The Liberal Democrats (official site)

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