Video: How Can U.S. Unemployment Be Solved?

10.2% of Americans are unemployed. Another 5.3% are underemployed. Now President Obama faces criticism that he lost focus on creating and saving jobs.

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Video: Jobs crisis 'hits young hardest'

Young people in the poorest, most deprived parts of the UK are being hardest hit by unemployment in the recession, official figures have revealed.

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Video: Voices from the Recession

Stories of how the economic downturn has affected ordinary people's lives in Washington DC.

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Video: Employee rights in job downturn

Employment lawyer Martin Edwards explains what rights employees have when faced with the threat of redundancy.

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Video: Working time

The North East man under pressure to work a 65 hour week.

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The Anglo-American World: Riches and Rags


Homeless teenager in New York City (Copyright: Scanpix)Homeless teenager in New York City (Copyright: Scanpix)

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Global recession: Aftershock (BBC News)

Aftershock: The global financial crisis (Audio - BBC World Service)

Are you feeling the pinch?

Countries like the United Kingdom have officially entered recession. So how are families coping?

Living with less: The human side of the global recession (The New York Times)

Poverty in America

US Economy at a glance

US Economy

American economy quiz

Poverty (US Census Bureau)

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