Fill in the gaps in this excerpt without looking in your textbook. Use words (adjectives and adverbs) from the list.


modern increasingly greatest new severely dramatically deadly treatable darker

The improvement in medicine is one of the causes of the population explosion outlined above. A century ago tens of millions around the world died of polio, smallpox and tuberculosis. By the end of the century, smallpox was eradicated, polio eliminated in the developed world and tuberculosis limited. In addition, many lesser known but equally diseases had become thanks to the use of modern medicines such as penicillin. Life spans have increased in both the developed and the developing world. Better healthcare is one of the success stories of the century – perhaps of the millennium. Of course, this development has a side, as well. “Super bugs” have evolved in response to the widespread use of antibiotics. And diseases like AIDS have spread across the world because of easy means of transportation.

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