Boring texts

The three paragraphs below are not effective paragraphs. They are too monotonous in style and tone. There is no one perfect way to improve them, just be creative and explain at least three of your changes using grammar terminology.

I want to save the world. I want to save on my energy use. That is why I want use a windmill. A windmill is a big machine. It stands on the ground. It stretches high on the air. When it turns in the wind it turns a turbine and it makes electricity. It is free, plentiful and non-polluting. But we need more energy all the time. Can wind power replace our reliance on non-renewable energy sources?

Many people are putting up windmills. The power from windmills remains a tiny fraction of global energy production. Some organizations believe that 1,250 gigawatts can be achieved by 2020. This is 12 percent of projected global energy needs. 

This is a considerable challenge. The world's electricity needs are set to increase by two thirds by 2020. Governments must set targets to meet these challenges. Then they have to increase the number of off-shore wind farms. This depends on how much governments support these programs. But things do not look so promising in Norway. Many Norwegians think windmills are ugly. They mess up the pristine countryside. And they block the view. What do we want? Do we want to save the earth? 

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