Listening: Discussing folk songs

Listen to a conversation between John and Richard about folk songs and the fascinating stories they tell.


Listening comprehension:

  1. What does John dislike about the music his children listen to? Why does he like folk music?
  2. How does Richard explain the appeal of folk music lyrics?
  3. John recites a few lines from a folk song. What is it about? Is this a typical theme in folk music, according to Richard?
  4. Explain the lyrics of the song 'I wish, I wish'.
  5. Explain the lyrics of the song 'The Blackleg Miner'.

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John, being old, is very dismissive of modern music. But perhaps that is his age talking. Write a letter to John telling him about the qualities you find in modern music. Do you have any examples of good songs, from any modern music genre, that also tell a story, just like folk music does?
Read your letters in class.

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