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An Introduction to the Essay Writing Course

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This course in essay writing is divided into five parts and should be taken in the order in which it is numbered. Although it can be used as a separate and complete unit of study and taken all in one go, it is advisable to portion it out through the year. An attempt has been made to tie the references and quotations used to particular chapters in the book, and we recommend that each part the writing course should be tackled after the appropriate chapter has been completed.



  1. The Social Studies Essay – An Introduction (Chapter 1 – Small Islands, Big Horizons)
  2. Paragraphs (Chapter 2 – The New World)
  3. Paragraph Coherence (Chapter 3 – Who Rules Britain?)
  4. Using Sources (Chapter 4 – We, the People)
  5. Introductions and Conclusions (No particular chapter)


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